Worth Repeating

“How comical the gods of the day seem
just a few hours later, how absurd they
look from behind.”

Helmut Thielicke

“Faith does not eliminate questions.
But faith knows where to take them.”

Elisabeth Elliot

“In a fallen world, if you demand
perfection or nothing, you will always
get nothing.”

Edith Schaeffer

“Forgiveness saves the expense of anger,
the cost of hatred, the waste of spirits.”

Hannah More

“The Bible is packed from cover to cover
with things it never mentions. Sympathy
is one of them. The word nowhere occurs;
the thing is everywhere.”

F. W. Boreham

“Praise thy Savior God that drew thee
To that cross, new life to give,
Held a blood sealed pardon to thee,
Bade thee look to Him and live.”

Francis Scott Key
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