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Ralph_BlairDr. Ralph Blair is a psychotherapist in private practice in New York City. He has advocated for Evangelical Christian support for same-sex couples since his graduate student days in InterVarsity at USC in 1962 and then, on InterVarsity staff at Penn in 1964.  In 1971, after serving as a Director of Counseling in The City University of New York, he founded The Homosexual Community Counseling Center in New York City and, in 1973, The Homosexual Counseling Journal. In 1975, he founded Evangelicals Concerned.

A fellow of The American Orthopsychiatric Association, he is a graduate of Bowling Green State University, The University of Southern California Graduate School of Religion, and The Graduate School of The Pennsylvania State University. He also studied at Bob Jones University, Dallas Theological Seminary, and Westminster Theological Seminary.

Dr. Blair speaks throughout the U.S. and is the editor of a quarterly literature review on religion and homosexuality.

Since 1980, Dr. Blair has organized and sponsored ConnECtion, conferences which have been life changing experiences for hundreds of gay men, lesbians, and friends who are responding with trust to God’s love and who seek to live thankfully and faithfully under God’s grace and peace.

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