Deuteronomy 23:17-18

“There shall be no female cult prostitute of the daughters of Israel nor a male cult prostitute of the sons of Israel.”

These terms, KEDESHA and KADESH, literally mean “holy” or “sacred.” There is no Hebrew derivative of the word “Sodom” in this passage; the King James Bible supplied it erroneously. The Hebrew words here are references to the “holy” female and eunuch priest-prostitutes of the Canaanite fertility cults, of which Israel was to have no part. Moreover, Louisville Presbyterian Seminary Bible scholar George R. Edwards notes that ‘No prophet uses the noun for male cult prostitute or discusses the activity such a person pursued. The prophets, in fact, are as silent on the subject of homosexual acts as is the whole tradition of the New Testament teaching of Jesus. This is,” he says, “a significant silence.”

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